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Destination Silver Star

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

For Immediate Release

April 1, 2022

Silver Star Resort Association Launches Destination Silver Star to Share the Magic of the Resort Town

Silver Star, BC - As an epic ski season winds down, a season of growth emerges for the Silver Star Resort Association as they launch the community and consumer-focused face of their brand - Destination Silver Star. This thoughtfully planned organization will increase business opportunities for the Silver Star community while making it easier for visitors to discover all the family-friendly mountain adventures the destination offers.

With community as its guiding principle, Destination Silver Star has a fresh new website full of engaging My Silver Star digital stories as well as the announcement of a series of summer activities that is sure to impress.

There is so much to love and learn about Silver Star.

The destination marketing and management organization, Destination Silver Star exists to maintain and enhance the Silver Star experience by growing the local economy, and increasing engagement through marketing, sales, media relations, events, research, and destination development. Founded in 2021, Destination Silver Star is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization with approximately 1000 members representing accommodations, attractions, restaurants, retail and homeowners.

About Silver Star

Centrally located in the heart of BC's Okanagan Valley rests Silver Star Mountain in the Monashee Mountain Range. The vibrant village is a beacon for adventure in the mountains and the people are its heart and soul. Big ideas and boundless energy inspired by the “Silver Queen’’ mine and first ski turns in the early 1930s. Nearly a century later, the same spirit is championing a thriving destination resort on the cusp of its next chapter.

New residents are moving to the area and the return of international travel signals an era of great opportunity for Silver Star. With eyes on the future and a commitment to honouring the resort’s roots, the community banded together to form the Silver Star Resort Association to grow the local tourism economy and create a lasting legacy.

Make it a Silver Star Summer

Silver Star may very well be the Okanagan’s best kept mountain secret with something for everyone in this natural playground. Get pumped up biking Canada’s second largest bike park, tackle the 35km XC bike trail- Beowolf, named after a legendary dragon-slaying Scandinavian warrior. Hike and sightsee the magical Des Scheumann Summit express gondola and take some time to explore something entirely unique - the “gnome roam” a mini-mystical world that resides amongst the mountain trails.

Silver Star offers more than just mountain excitement. The vibrant resort town celebrates sports, arts, community, food, wine, and music through featured festivals year round. Committed to growing the culinary scene, there’s an exciting reimagined wine festival this August set to showcase the best food and wine of the region. And, the perfect warm up to Oktoberfest - an inaugural craft beer and cider festival.

Mark Your Calendar:

May 10 - Announcement on bike festival.

June 25 - Bike park opening and Multicultural Festival featuring live music and a local artisan market. Silver Star is also playing host to Slay the Dragon trail running race on this date.

August 11 - 14 - Reimagined Wine Festival showcasing the best of the Okanagan’s wine and food.

September 10 - Celebrate Oktoberfest with Silver Star’s first Craft Beer & Cider Festival.

More events to be announced - stay tuned.

Destination Silver Star is looking to grow the culinary, wine and beer events roster this summer, next winter and beyond. Collaborations and ideas are welcome! Please get in touch by contacting

Connect Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and with the hashtag #MySilverStar.

Interviews are available, print-ready images can be found here.

Media Contact:

Krista Lochhead


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