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Discover Naramata Evolves

Updated: May 10, 2022

For Immediate Release

May 11, 2022


Discover Naramata brand evolves to express Naramata’s unique charm

Naramata, BC - There’s a hum of excitement on the Naramata Bench these days, and it’s not just the promise of iconic Okanagan summer days and peak season energy ahead. The Discover Naramata board of directors is proud to launch a new brand that captures the magic of the winding road, rolling vineyards, and unique personality of Naramata itself.

A quiet step off the beaten path, Naramata — Bench and Village — is a unicorn of a place, deserving of a destination marketing organization that reflects all the qualities that make it so special. That’s why, over the last two years, a dedicated and passionate team of local industry veterans in tourism, hospitality, food, wine and retail have committed to making Discover Naramata more relevant, effective and useful for the community.

It starts with a new look.

Under the guidance of award-winning branding agency, ReThink Canada, Discover Naramata went through a thoughtful rebranding process to tease out all the qualities and attributes that make Naramata and Naramata Bench so irresistible. Through research and consultation with local business owners, residents, employees and visitors, a broad range of perspectives was considered. The result is a brand evolution offering powerful storytelling that connects visitors to Naramata while clearly differentiating it from competitors. ReThink has created a look built on Naramata’s DNA: the new logo features the winding arrival through vineyards, the Kettle Valley Railway’s iconic “Little Tunnel,” and a nod to Naramata nostalgia and its colourful peacock past, and a resounding “splash” in Okanagan Lake.

The new look launches today with the introduction of our new logo and brand colours, and will be rolled out in stages over the next year. It builds upon a recent update in the organization’s funding model aimed at greatly enhancing visitor experience. Discover Naramata is committed to growing the visitor economy sustainably across all seasons, attracting the right traveler for the benefit of the entire community with improved booking and planning tools, while always providing value and supporting members.

About Naramata:

The journey to Naramata begins with sinuous curves in the road, warm sunshine, and a growing sense of well-being as you leave city life behind and delve into the heart of wine country. You leisurely make your way along the Naramata Bench, meander through vineyards and orchards, pass wineries and charming bed and breakfasts, all the while bathed in sunshine and overlooking shimmering Okanagan Lake. You can’t get to Naramata by accident. A quaint, small and uncommercialized semi-rural village protected by the landscape, Naramata is the last great secret in the Okanagan.

“We always talk about Whole Foods, but this is the real thing.” - Kate Colley Naramata Inn

Naramata is a real agricultural community steeped in history. Not a resort town. Each season reveals a new Naramata landscape to connect with. In the spring you’ll see blossoms in the cherry orchards. In the fall, come for harvest season. For more than a century, the community has worked on the land and produced the bounty that visitors now get to share with them at local eateries and wineries. When you come to Naramata, you’re part of that heritage.

“It’s preferring the local café’s chai mix over a Starbucks latte.” - Lavonne Gould Real Things Pizza

Hikes, bikes, and views for days

Adventuring in Naramata is easy, with hundreds of trails, beaches and parks to explore and experience the Okanagan scenery. Activities are endless, from hitting the KVR on two wheels, or exploring one of the many trails, to trying water sports, wildlife viewing, wellness, peace, history and more — all full of Instagrammable moments you just might want to keep to yourself instead.

“The participation of your visitors is essential to your community. I remember sitting on the beach with my kids when they were little. We met people who were visiting and saw them year after year. My kids are still friends with those kids. We call them our “summer friends.” - Debbie Selwood The Village Motel

Naramata is the good kind of different, it’s unconventional Okanagan. A new adventure, no matter the weather once you see it, taste it, feel it, visit — you’ll get it. You should probably just come discover Naramata for yourself.

Discover Naramata Board Members:

Kate Colley President Partner, Naramata Inn | Owner, Hatch Hospitality Inc.

Cynthia Enns Vice-President Owner, 1Mill Road Winery and Naramata General Store

Nicole Hackworth Secretary Owner, Nichol Vineyard | Board Member, Naramata Slow

Dawn Lennie Secretary Owner, Legend Distilling | Board Member, Naramata Slow

Nicole Ford Treasurer Owner, Homestead Coffee | Marketing Consultant

- 30 -

Print ready images available here.

Discover Naramata Contact:

Amanda Perez, Marketing Manager

Discover Naramata


Media Contact:

Krista Lochhead



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